The Day Iceland Stood Still

When 90% of the women of Iceland walked off the job and out of their homes one fall morning in 1975 refusing to work, cook, or take care of the children, they brought their country to a standstill and catapulted Iceland to the “best place in the world to be a woman.” Told for the first time by the women themselves, and laced with playful animation, the story is subversive and unexpectedly funny. “We loved our male chauvinist pigs,” recalls one of the activists, “We just wanted to change them a little!” Directed by Emmy award-winning US filmmaker Pamela Hogan in collaboration with acclaimed Icelandic producer Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdóttir, and perfectly timed for release in the lead-up to the strike’s 50th anniversary, The Day Iceland Stood Still inspires viewers to reimagine the possible




Dagurinn sem Ísland stöðvaðist


Pamela Hogan