Reykjavik World Outgames 2017 – Bid Video

This introductory video accompanies Reykjavík’s bid to host the World Outgames in 2017.
**Imagine a country where the LGBT community enjoys the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts**
**Imagine a country with one marriage law for all, regardless of sexual orientation or identity**
**Imagine a country with an openly gay Prime Minister**
**Imagine a city where a straight mayor dresses in drag and heads the gay pride parade**
**Now imagine half the population of that city, young and old, showing their suport at the annual pride parade**
**Welcome to a country that celabrates rather than tolerates its LGBT community**
**Welcome to a city that never sleeps with 24 hours of daylight in summertime**
**Welcome to a compact city where most sport venues are within walking distance**
**Welcome to a city that lives next door to nature**

The song comes from the talented Thorunn Antonia who was more than happy for us to use it. Thank you Thorunn, Hermigervill, Berndsen and Oculus and Sena for the music! (See more of her music on the ** thorunnmusic ** channel here on youtube.

The Reykjavik and countryside and Blue Lagoon footage comes from Icelandic production company Sagafilm (thank you!), and Pride footage is supplied by Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdóttir @ Krummafilms. The video was edited by Davíð Jónsson and scripted and directed by Hannes Sasi Palsson.
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The R-WOG17 Team